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Steven (Hoang Bao Duy)

Steven (Hoang Bao Duy) is a highly skilled professional with a strong passion for software development and over 15 years of experience leading development teams. His expertise lies in delivering end-to-end solutions, covering the entire software development life-cycle from development and testing to security scanning and production deployment.

With a focus on .NET and Microsoft Technologies, Steven ensures that his projects are of the highest quality and scalability. He has a deep understanding of DevOps, CloudOps, and Infrastructure as Code, which allows him to automate the provisioning of infrastructure components on the cloud and efficiently manage cloud infrastructure. This approach ensures proper version control, change tracking across regions, and simplified disaster recovery for cloud environments.

Steven’s commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies makes him a valuable asset in delivering successful projects with optimal efficiency and reliability.

Cloud Stack

Tech Stack

Open Stacks

I have implemented numerous open-source projects as proof of concepts for DDD Design, Event-Driven, and MicroService, and others… approaches to assist the dev team in comprehending the design patterns. Check them out on my GitHub page: