About Me

Duy Hoang (Steven)

    • Duy is .Net lover and had been felt in love with her more than 10 years sine .Net 1.0 and really happy to share my love stories to those who want to start loving .Net.
    • Duy is a Senior Software Developer which more than 10 years of experience on Microsoft Technologies especially on .Net Framework.
    • He is System Architect on one of the big investment company, which developing and maintaining various financial applications for Fund Services department using ReacJs, Service Fabric, .Net Core MVC and many relevant Microsoft Technologies.
    • He’s also very interested in learning and working on new technologies especially Azure Cloud computing, DevOps and Micro-service Architecture.
    • He also contributed more than 20 open source projects to the communities.
    • Please keep in touch me via email or follow my blog for upcoming posts.


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